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Is your child prepared? Do they know what to do if a “bad guy” tries to take them away?

Kick Masters Karate has created a special program to empower children to prevent an abduction. Over 15-years in the making, our Stranger Safety Seminar will teach children how to identify potentially dangerous predators and how to combat an attacker if they try to get physical. Seminar instructors will focus on the many “tricks” strangers use to abduct (by using role-playing), the “8 rules for being safe,” and will teach effective physical self-defense so children can escape and get to safety.

With upcoming vacations, play dates, and park visits, be sure your child is as safe as they can be. Be sure they’re armed with the tools necessary to stop an attacker!

Fifty-minute Stranger Safety Seminars are for ages 3.5-7 and happen twice a year (once in late spring and another just before Christmas).



Our Women’s Self-defense Seminars apply to teens and adults of any age. This 2-hour program aims to “arm” its participants with the skills necessary to stop an attacker and evade additional physical threats. Instructors teach a common-sense approach to counter basic attacks, allowing gross motor skills to take-over during an altercation. This strategy is twofold: 1) to empower the targeted female with tools that will work, AND, 2) to teach skills that are easy to remember.

Physical self-defense methods are primarily shown to ready the body for defense in all six ranges of fighting (verbal, long weaponry, kicking, punching, close quarter, and ground grappling). Verbal defusing is also taught (incorporating a passive self-defense stance and effective hand positioning) stressing a direct and authoritative tone. Finally, “third-party intervention,” as well as anti-rape techniques are covered during these highly impactful, potentially life-saving training sessions.

Occurring every few months, this seminar heightens a woman’s awareness of her surroundings and strengthens her capabilities if an attack ensues.

This class is extremely popular for female high school teens and college students of any age!

If you’re interested in attending the next women’s self-defense training session, give us a call at 301-689-8874 to check availability.



Open to youth green belts and above (and all participants over 12 years old), the Weaponry Program at Kick Masters is dynamic to say the least. Students are challenged weekly with weapon history, exciting drills, and extensive hand-eye coordination trials. Students also earn patches for their uniform and gain the confidence to compete in competition.

Basic, intermediate, and advance levels of each weapon are taught through our rotating curriculum. Weaponry units include training in the sword, sai, tonfa, nunchaku, kama, arnis/eskrima/kali/ sibat, and bo staff. New weaponry blocks begin every three months with an occasional specialty weapon taught from time to time (these include the hook sword, rope dart, and the tessen fans among others).

The Weaponry Program is an exciting chance to expand a student’s knowledge of the martial arts, while preparing for advanced testing at Black Belt Level.

If you are interested in this program, click below to see which weapon unit is currently being offered: 



Want to take your child’s birthday to the next level? Schedule a “Kick Masters Birthday Party” and blow their minds!

Partiers get two hours of private, customized karate birthday fun, while experiencing themed games, exciting competitions, and personal instruction with certified KMK Black Belts. Parties are a great way for children to have their friends participate in a structured class setting, while learning basic martial arts concepts, instilling confidence and respect, and seeing firsthand what makes our studio so special.

We have 4 types of themed parties to choose from click below to view.

Birthday Party Options

We can accommodate any size party, ages four and above (yes, we even schedule custom adult parties). Parties range in price depending on how many participants end up on the training floor (a base package starts at $300.00).

Regardless of your chosen theme (Little Dragons, Ninja-Nerf, Bootcamp, or Super Samurai), our parties are a blast; AND we can personally guarantee your party will exceed everyone’s expectations!

If you are interested in having your child’s birthday party at the studio, give us a call at 301-689-8874 to check availability (parties usually book 6-9 months in advance).



Private lessons are usually given weekly and are utilized by many students looking to improve their detail, or, catch-up if at all behind. Martial arts personal training can benefit a novice student wishing to “tone up,” or a superior athlete wishing to enhance everyday workout routines. Individual sessions are given on a one-to-one basis, in half-hour segments, in our private lesson space(s). These personal sessions focus on reaching optimum results. In other words, instructors tailor each workout according to what YOU want to achieve!

One-on-one mentoring is extremely beneficial to those wanting to take their skill to the next level.

Kick Masters Karate’s Private Lessons…Catch Up, Move Up, Get Ahead!

If you’re interested in scheduling private lessons with one of our certified instructors, give us a call at 301-689-8874 to check availability.



Knowing how to defend yourself should be an essential skill that everyone has learned. Unfortunately, most will “freeze” when a real-life altercation presents itself.

That’s why we have small group self-defense training sessions available for those who want to learn to protect themselves against an attacker. Sessions will focus honing your defensive skills in a safe and controlled environment (i.e. stand-up defense, grips and chokes, power striking, grappling, and rape escape).

So grab a few friends and schedule a day and time to learn how to defend yourself. For most, it’s much more fun (and memorable) to learn a physical skill with those who make you smile.

If you’re interested in scheduling a small group self-defense training session with one of our certified instructors, give us a call at 301-689-8874 to check availability.


SUMMER CAMPS (Ages 3.5+)

Are you looking for a summer activity that’s not only entertaining for your children, but also something different from the usual playing video games or lounging around the pool? If traditional sports camps just aren’t your thing, then maybe you should try one of our themed karate camps.

For the past 20+ years, Kick Masters has hosted one of the most popular camps for children/teens in the area. Armed with a traditional taekwondo base and years of experience, Kick Masters summer camps feature hands-on training in developing speed, agility, coordination, balance, and flexibility. But our summer camps aren’t just limited to working the body. Black belt staff members will challenge campers with cutting-edge drills and games, small group competitions, and a musical demonstration (kata). Campers will be split into teams, and will compete to see who wins the week (based on points). Participants will also learn the value of teamwork and leadership, as our program is structured to bring out the best any child can exhibit. Themed skills and challenges happen all week, and culminate on “parent’s day,” when the entire family can witness the energy and entertainment that our summer camp delivers. Currently, we offer three different types of camps:

Little Dragons Camp (ages 3.5-7) is a half-day camp and runs in 4-day blocks. It’s the perfect way to let your child explore structured independence through our “hands-on” snacks and crafts, while experiencing teamwork and group solidarity. It will also encourage character and self-esteem in your child, while nurturing the aspects of focus, self-control, respect, and discipline. Parent’s day is a blast as students showcase their newly acquired skills (and a nifty new themed performance costume).

Youth Karate Camp (ages 7-12) is a full-day, week long camp that will building self-esteem, teamwork, and will push each camper physically (we guarantee early bedtimes at the end of the week). This camp features a Ninja-Nerf war, Wam-Bam Balls, and all out water battle on the last day. “Fight Scenes” filled with props, lines, special lighting, and an occasional “bad guy” are a camp favorite..

Kick Masters Karate University or KMKU (ages 12+) is our most physically demanding camp. It runs in 2-day blocks and is committed to providing an atmosphere of high-intensity and motivation. Students will develop the physical and mental skills necessary for advancement in the martial arts, and for achieving an overall healthy lifestyle. Mini-sessions will focus on Weaponry, Sparring, Flexibility, Krav Maga, Throws and Ground Grappling, Pad/Bagwork, Nutrition, Team Building, Board Breaking, Physical Conditioning, and Endurance. This two-day camp will test your mental and physical fortitude.

With summer offering a more flexible schedule, why not enroll your children in a camp that will transform them into the leaders of their classrooms? Why not enroll them in a camp that will make them positive trend setters in their peer groups and physical standouts in the various other sports in which they may already be involved? Why not teach them the value of responsibility and commitment, while instilling honor and confidence? This summer make some new friends, and join us for a fun-filled adventure guaranteed to surpass your expectations.

Full and half-day Summer Camps for ages 3.5-7, ages 7-12, and ages 12+ happen multiple weeks in the summer. Enrollment begins the second week in April each year.


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