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The History of Kick Masters:

Kick Masters Karate has strong roots in traditional taekwondo.

Initially based on Grandmaster Jhoon Rhee’s system, the studio was first established in Frostburg in 1979 under the name of Western Masters Karate. Founded by Master Dane Harden, Western Masters Karate had three Maryland locations (Damascus, Salisbury, and one located in the Frostburg Armory). The studio was moved to the Frostburg Community Center in 1991, and stayed there through the studio’s name change shortly thereafter.

Sensei Ron Burner officially headed the studio from 1992 through 2000 and was instrumental in building Kick Masters’ legendary character.

Following the purchase of Kick Masters by Master Rick Rando and Mr. Kevin Wilson in January of 2001, the studio relocated to the old Majestic Gardens behind the Days Inn. Master Rando then acquired the program entirely in 2005, and moved the studio to its current location in Clarysville in 2008.

Today, certified martial arts instructors currently teach classes 6-days a week in one of the largest, open-space martial arts schools in the country.

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