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The Kick Masters Karate Studio is over 8,000 square feet and has many attractive features for its members. Parking is probably one of the most basic, yet convenient features at KMK. Spots are always available for both day and evening classes, and are diligently kept free from snow and ice (a large, and well-lit, parking area comes in handy between the switching of various martial arts programs).

The lobby is the “central nervous system” of the studio. It’s designed to be a warm and inviting gateway into our state-of-the-art martial arts facility. Announcements and special events can be easily read on the flat screen TV, while purchases can be made at the oriental inspired receptionist desk. The spacious unisex restroom will accommodate families of little ones who need an extra hand getting ready for class.

Also located in the lobby is the Kick Masters pro-shop. The pro-shop is designed to bring the latest martial arts gear to the Kick Masters athlete who needs it most. This is where students have the opportunity to see and explore new weapons, try on colorful uniforms, test equipment, and purchase bags, pads, and all the other necessary attire for testing. The pro-shop will always change as new products and training apparel are introduced, giving our students the cutting edge gear to make practicing easier and more purposeful.

Inside, the main training floor is covered with a 1-inch thick padded mat. This flooring easily supports rigorous martial arts activity, yet is gentle on muscles and joints. The main training area is broken up into nine different activity rings. The sheer size of this space allows plenty of room for various movement drills, large equipment, weapons training, and sparring. Carpeting lines the outer rim of the main floor area, where ample seating is located for parents and onlookers to watch and support their family members during their classes. And yes, we have free Wi-Fi.

Mirrors cover most of the wall space on the main training floor so each student can self-analyze form and movement for better demonstration. Heavy bags, training pads, Bosu balls, weights, jump ropes, and various weapons line the outside of the padded floor for easy student and instructor access. In its most basic form, the main training area meshes our caring instructors with eager to learn, “leaders in training!”

Off the main training floor are the changing/restrooms. The men’s and ladies’ restrooms were designed with the family in mind. Both spaces provide adequate, carpeted dressing areas for those quick changes before and after classes, while at the same time offering privacy by way of individual stalls. These large restrooms offer plenty of area for changing into gear for sparring, trying on that new uniform for the first time, or for getting focused before belt testing begins. Showers are also available to those in our adult class, and/or in select adult programs.

One of the most convenient features in the Kick Masters facility is the private office. This space offers parents and students an opportunity to visit with, ask questions, or discuss issues with senior black belts ready to provide expert advice. Equipped with modern technology, the Kick Masters office acts like an ‘information hub’ by housing the newest martial arts interactive software. It also offers privacy for anyone with a personal and delicate matter, or for new student interviews.

Our private lesson/birthday room was an absolute necessity. This room offers the space necessary for private lessons in sparring, katas, basic kicking, techniques, self-defense, ground grappling, and anything else related to training. Most of our black belts offer half-hour lessons throughout the week to help polish a student’s physical skill on a one-on-one basis. On the weekends, this room is available for custom birthday parties. Karate Birthday Parties are a great way for students to have their friends participate in a structured karate class setting alongside of them. This also allows them to show off their awesome dojo, their caring instructors, and their talented martial arts abilities.

The cardio room is located just off the main training floor, and is exclusively available to families enrolled in our “Cardio Club.” Start jogging on the treadmills to become a lean, mean, healthy machine. Become as fit as your karate family member or just lose an extra pound or two. Either way, the whole family can “sweat it out” together.

The black belt room is a unique feature of the Kick Masters studio, specifically created for our staff. Those who have achieved this prestigious rank in our program deserve a separate area for changing, storing personal belongings, and “gathering thoughts” before teaching a high-energy class. This serves as our instructors’ headquarters as schedules, announcements, information, protocol, and the latest training tools are all stored in this area.

We saved the best for last, throughout the building, families can expect a climate-controlled environment as the Kick Masters Karate studio has central heat and central air. No more rainy days on the field, huddled under a make-shift tent. At Kick Masters Karate, it’s always dry and “warm” (or cool in the summer) in here!

Our one-of-a-kind studio is clean and safe. The instructors are engaging and energetic. And the material taught is as cutting edge as it can be – come see for yourself!

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