Career Days, Assemblies, School Talks, Field Trips and Speaking Engagements with Master Rick Rando


The martial arts have been around for thousands and thousands of years, guiding its practitioners in body, mind, and spirit.  When demonstrated properly, modern day students embark on a life changing experience which makes them more focused people, confident athletes, more motivated goal setters, and better citizens.


I, Master Rick Rando, have personally done thousands of school presentations, career days, seminars/programs, presentations, etc. in the public school system.  In short, my presentations focus on respect for self and those is authority, discipline at home and at school, focus on tasks or schoolwork needing attention, politeness to family and classmates, and persistence or the ability to NEVER GIVE UP!  I use humor and fun in my presentations and always approach presenting as a “re-enforcer,” supporting the faculty’s rules and guidelines.  We are also set up to schedule and host school field trips to our state-of-the-art facility (please contact the studio for details regarding this service).


My students become morally and physically strong-willed, and become positive role models and leaders for those around them.  They learn how to overcome difficult personal challenges and learn the value of self confidence.  At Kick Masters, we are Kickstarting Confident Leaders!


Short Testimonials:


"It has been my pleasure for the last several years to include karate instructor, Rick Rando to our school's agenda. Rick has given different presentations including "Bully Busting" and "Stranger Danger." The students learn from each of these demonstrations because they are presented with humor, talent, and intense suspense. They can't wait to see how a scenario plays out and what they should do in each situation. Rick gives an awesome demonstration of how to handle bullies and people who might try to hurt you. It's not only entertaining and informative; it very well could be life saving. Rick is a wonderful person and an excellent instructor. It is a pleasure to work with him." - Mrs. Della Raines, RN (Former School Nurse)


"Master Rando has always been willing to volunteer his time to speak with children at South Penn. His Career Day presentations are both educational and highly motivating. Recently, Master Rando presented a mini bully busters program for our entire student body. These presentations were lively and the impact they had have stayed with the students. It is a pleasure to work with someone who is as professional and caring as Master Rando. I would highly recommend his programs for children." - Mrs. Ann Workmeister (School Principal)


"Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to the students of Beall Elementary School about respect. Your positive attitude and energy is contagious! I can tell that you love what you do and have a genuine desire to help children! Thank you for being such an influential role model in the community!" - Ms. Kandi Ashby (School Guidance Counselor)


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