Personal Training / Private Lessons


Private lessons are given weekly and are utilized by many students looking to improve their skills, or get a leg-up on other classmates.  Martial arts personal training can benefit a novice student wishing to “tone up”, or a superior athlete wishing to enhance everyday workout routines.  Individual sessions are given on a one-to-one basis, in half-hour segments, in our private lesson space.  These personal sessions focus on reaching optimum results of desired specific workout needs and wants.  In other words, Black Belts tailor each workout according to what you want to achieve!

In addition to our Black Belt trainers, we are lucky enough to have a Black Belt certified personal trainer working at our studio.  Mr. Kirk McTaggart is an ISSA Certified Trainer with years of experience molding adults into their ideal physical stature.  To contact Mr. McTaggart directly, please visit his website at:



*To make specific arrangements regarding martial arts private lessons, please contact the studio at 301-689-8874 for a list of available, qualified trainers.