KMK is proud to present Martial Arts Gymnastics classes! Specifically designed for students wanting an advance approach to training, this program will introduce basic gymnastic skills selected to increase core strength, develop advanced mobility and footwork, and will even help brown belts with their round-offs!

Specifically, this program will teach the following:

Basic Skills: Advanced Skills:
  • Forward Rolls
  • Side Shoulder Rolls
  • Backwards and Straddle Rolls
  • Cartwheels
  • Round-offs
  • Handstands
  • Handstand Forward Rolls
  • Back Extensions
  • Back Walkover
  • Neck Kip to Standing Back Bend
  • Back Handsprings
  • Aerials
  • Front Walkover
  • Round-off Back Handsprings
  • Standing Back Tucks

*Weekly classes are held on Fridays at 5:30PM on the window side of the studio.

*The Cost = 40.00 per month

*This program is open to students ages 6 and older.