Little Dragons

The Little Dragons Program (ages 4-6): This exciting program is structured to stimulate curiosity, develop speech and language, promote physical strength and flexibility, build fundamental motor skills, develop self-control and focus, promote coordination, and encourage socialization.  Classes are taught Tuesday through Saturday and Little Dragons is one of the most popular programs we offer at the studio!


Children in this program learn to follow directions, take turns, learn to share, and learn to socially interact with other Little Dragons each and every class. Drills are structured to encourage problem solving, trouble shoot, and develop a sense of independence through a series of activities developed to target specific developmental stages of learning. “Life Words” or “core character words” are also introduced weekly to reinforce character traits practiced at home, including respect, discipline, integrity, honesty, politeness, patience, and self-control.  


Most importantly, verbal self-defense is introduced as Little Dragons will learn how to combat bullies, confront larger/stronger attackers, and will learn “stranger danger” and “safety awareness.”


The Little Dragons Program is extremely popular, as classes are “capped” to ensure quality and individuality. 


*Please note: if your schedule is fairly flexible, we can enroll you almost right away.  However, if you might need a specific day or time (and that particular class is full), we may have to place you on a waiting list.  Either way, call ASAP to ensure a space!