What if? 

Imagine going through the normal bedtime routine, when suddenly, the calmness of your home is shattered by a forcible intrusion!  What will you do?  How will you react?  What about your family members? 

Do you even have a plan? 

Come learn how to mentally and physically prepare your family for the unthinkable.  Many others have thought, “That will never happen to us….”, but we read time and time again in the newspaper that it can!  Give yourself the peace of mind and confidence that comes with preparation so you do not become another crime statistic.  Take the first step and make plans to attend the Kick Masters Karate Home Invasion Defense Seminar, happening every few months at the Kick Masters Karate Studio.  This 2-hour seminar will focus on the following, home invasion defense content:

  • Mindset of Survival – “Trigger Points” for action
  • Trends in crimes related to Home Invasions “Game plans” for Home Invasion Prevention and Defense
  • Hands on tactical defense techniques and scenarios
  • Defense while restrained
  • Improvised weapons to protect you and family members
  • Basic principles for using firearms for home defense

The cost of the seminar is $30.00 per person ($25.00 for Kick Masters affiliated students and/or family members), and no equipment or special clothing is required.  The seminar is taught by Kick Masters Black Belt and Self-defense/Krav Maga Expert, Mr. Kirk McTaggart.


Don’t look back and wish you’d been better equipped to handle a home invasion…



Let Kick Masters Karate help you make a plan that will work!


Mr. Kirk McTaggart is a Black Belt Instructor and Adult Self-Defense/Krav Maga Specialist at Kick Masters Karate.  He has trained with Mr. Ernie Kirk of Krav Maga Universal in the specific area of Home Invasion Defense and Personal Protection.  In addition to his extensive martial arts expertise, McTaggart has over 25-years experience as a law enforcement officer in the local and metro areas.