Corporate Team Building


How’s your team with TEAMWORK?

Have you ever thought your business lacked true group solidarity? 

Do your managers work together well to solve problems?  

Does your staff communicate effectively?

If you are wishing to breathe new life into the normal running of day to day operations, Kick Masters Karate has the solution for you...Corporate TEAM Building.


What is Corporate TEAM Building?

Corporate TEAM Building began exclusively as an in-house training program for our Black Belt staff.  The core goal: build passionate, professional TEAM employees who share a clear, cohesive vision of superior product and service.  At Kick Masters, we’ve done that and more, which has left some observers to seriously inquire about our thorough staff training/development.  The dynamic result of these inquiries is a selection of TEAM building challenges designed to stimulate interaction, inspire group creativity, and build loyal, goal-oriented corporate team members.  However, the true  investment in Corporate TEAM Building lies in its outcome:

 TEAM Building at Kick Masters is tailored specifically to your business/institution.  From set-up to execution of TEAM Challenges, your staff will develop team synergy, experience positive team achievement, and will learn the value of clear communication.  All this is accomplished in an engaging and professional environment that facilitates  collaboration among its participants.  In short, we present situations to empower   individuals to overcome difficult personal challenges and perceived limitations; all while having a blast!


Why Choose Kick Masters?

 For the past eighteen years, Kick Masters Karate has been building leaders in our community through martial arts training and age/ability-specific programs.  Our commitment to excellence in the dojo is evident in our students, but most importantly is unmistakable in each Black Belt staff member.  This comes from superior structure, intense group interaction, and individual leadership development.  With the disciplined background of the martial arts as a base, the nurturing of TEAM development is effortless.  And, in our state of the art, 8,000 square foot facility, learning is easy.


So what exactly will my staff do?

Kick Masters Karate has developed a dynamic series of team building challenges, geared to immerse your corporate group into the essential world of team cohesiveness.  We do this by introducing team trials in which a number of hurdles are presented and each team must strategize, plan, and implement  group action to overcome each obstacle.  For example:

Pipe-Marble Challenge - Each group is assigned a task of getting a number of “data marbles” from the “receiving information tray” to the “delivering service tray.”  Teams may not use their hands, but can only use their section of the “action pipe.”  A number of “action pipes” align together only one way for the “data marbles” to be delivered.  Total allotted time: 15 minutes.

Each challenge is designed to build group camaraderie and execution, tools necessary for achieving your corporate goals for your business.  And when each challenge is complete, the facilitator debriefs so the group can assess their efforts and learn from their mistakes.  Take this more physical challenge for example:

Walking the Plank - Each team is given the task of getting all members from point A to point B using six strings and two wooded planks.  Only three persons may go at a time.  Team members are not allowed to use their hands to touch the planks, and must not at any time touch the ground with any part of the body.  Total allotted time: 20 minutes.

Sounds pretty challenging right?  We have also created a very popular series of   business specific challenges like the next one:

Corporate Concentration - Groups must work together turning over giant boards of items associated with your business (i.e. doctors = medicine, carpenters = tools).  As items are matched, teams earn points, adding to their total seminar score.  But watch out, not all the items have matches.  Total allotted time: 20 minutes.

 *Whether you choose a series of challenges that are more physical or a group of  situations that are more thought provoking, the results are the same: better verbal communication, team synergy, and most importantly, situational, “hands on” fun!


So how do I schedule this?

Corporate TEAM Building is a fantastic way to take your business to the next level in team solidarity.  To learn more, please contact us at (301) 689-8874 and ask for an info binder and individual business consultation regarding Corporate TEAM Building. 


This is one executive decision you'll be glad you made!

“Keynote Speaker Master Rick Rando engaged and motivated our team members throughout our annual Pennsylvania/Maryland Safety Team Summit for Columbia Gas. Communicating the importance of dedication, persistence, and hard work, Master Rando’s electricity and motivational words inspired our personnel to focus on their safety awareness efforts and take our corporate safety performance to new levels. Columbia Gas, a Division of NiSource, would recommend Master Rando to any organization or group that wishes to challenge their people to be team players rather unengaged underachievers. The feedback we received from the event was entirely positive and every single employee in the room left excited to conquer any challenge that lies ahead. I strongly advocate Master Rick Rando’s teambuilding presentation to anyone who is ready to improve themselves, both personally and on the job.”
- Mr. Kerry Puffinburger (HS&E Coordinator – Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania)
“It was truly a pleasure attending team building with Kick Masters Karate’s Master Rick Rando. The events and exercises were engaging, knowledge filled, and extremely well organized. As an executive, the tools and lessons learned during the exercises have crossed over and had a positive impact in both my personal and professional relationships. This was a fun and amazing experience that we will absolutely repeat with our entire management team yearly. It was great to see the leaders and managers in our organization work together, build relationships, and enhance their leadership abilities. We are amazed at the results already!”
- Mrs. Chelsea Boyle (COO Flagship Rehabilitation Services; Dustin Freas Vice President of Business De
“What you did today was flat out amazing! The team building exercise was a grand slam, out of the park blast! Everyone was talking about it during the breaks. Well done in every way possible!"
- Dr. Evan H. Offstein (Ph.D., West Point Graduate, Author, Motivational Speaker, and Business Consult