Bully Prevention / Youth Empowerment Day

Bullying…..it’s something that has probably touched every child’s life at some point either at school, on the bus, or on the playground. Recent statistics show that bullying throughout the United States has reached epidemic levels. Has your child ever been bothered by, or been verbally assaulted by an older, or more aggressive student at their school? Maybe it even went a little further…maybe there was some pushing or maybe a punch was thrown. Many parents struggle each school year with their children being constantly abused, picked-on, harassed and assaulted on a daily basis. If your child has experienced any of these forms of bullying, or, has witnessed this type of negative behavior, our annual Bully Prevention / Youth Empowerment Day can help.

Kick Masters Karate has been instrumental in instructing elementary and middle school students on how to stop bullying through various methods involving prevention and protection for the past 13-years! In fact, our studio is the place children and parents can find non-violent solutions on how to handle bullying for just about every verbal situation. Just last year our Bully Prevention / Youth Empowerment Day drew over 800 attendees from over 18 schools in 4 counties to confront bullying with this modern and inventive approach aimed to keep children safe and thriving academically. What better way to empower children than in a fun-filled learning environment with their own peers?

Our Bully Prevention / Youth Empowerment Day gives parents and children the opportunity to obtain crucial anti-bullying information and techniques from local professionals who are experienced in bully prevention. The unique and interactive 12 anti-bullying stations help families discover steps for handling one-on-one altercations, verbal group bullying, conflict resolution, cyber-bullying and tips for stopping friends from being harassed. With these techniques parents will be given the tools necessary to handle bullying when it happens to their child.

In this exciting, supportive, and contagious atmosphere at our Bully Prevention / Youth Empowerment Day, children will learn:

Methods to stand, speak, hold your “stance” while encountering a bully…

Ways to ask for help from a trusted adult…

Strategies on how to Avoid, Ignore, and Manage bullying situations…

Tips for children on how to keep physically safe and prepare for a bully encounter…

Drills focusing on confidence, leadership, proper body posture and basic non-violent martial arts…

So, what are you waiting for? Come join Kick Masters Karate for our next annual Bully Prevention / Youth Empowerment Day happening in November 2015! Games, free gifts, demonstrations, motivational guest speakers, hands on activities are all combined with the 12 anti-bullying stations for unbeatable FUN! What better way to help build confidence in your child so when confronted with bullying they will have the tools, skills and knowledge to combat the problem in a positive, non-violent approach.

Bullying is the number-one social issue in schools today! Is your child ready?



"Bullying Prevention Day has been a phenomenal opportunity for our entire community to gather information, learn strategies and gain the confidence necessary to address current issues of bullying within our schools and community. All participants undoubtedly walked away empowered to create a culture aimed at promoting a more healthy, accepting and welcoming environment for our children." - Dr. Benjamin T. Brauer, Ed.D. (Supervisor of Student Services / Allegany County Public Schools)


"Thank you for helping me build a more confident child. I don't worry as much anymore about her. I feel she is being taught many necessary skills to suceeed now and later in life. The experience has been very moving." - Mrs. Stephanie Arnold


"Stefan had issues last year at school concerning a bully, but by attending this seminar, both Stefan and I have gained knowledge on how to react if the situation ever arises again.  The seminar was excellent, and as usual, you always have that special touch of adding fun and humor to your method to teaching.  Thank you so much and keep up the good work." - Mrs. Gloria Hoffmann


"The seminar was very friendly, creative, happy, full of enthusiasm, very motivating for the kids...my daughter cant' wait to come back!  Thank you for making her experience entertaining and educational."  - Mrs. Mary Meyers

Bullying is the number-one social issue in schools today!  Is your child ready?