Martial Arts Birthday Parties


Out of ideas for planning your next birthday party?

One of the most popular features at Kick Masters is allowing children and adults (yes ADULTS) to have “Karate Birthday Parties” at the Kick Masters studio. Here’s how it works: partiers get two-hours of birthday fun, while experiencing martial arts games, exciting drills, and personal instruction with Kick Masters Black Belts and Leadership Team Members.  Karate Birthday Parties are a great way for children to have their friends and family participate in a structured karate class, while showing off their dojo, their fun instructors, and of course their martial arts talent and knowledge.  Oh yeah, and it’s a blast for both kids and on-lookers.


Birthday families also enjoy discounted merchandise for the birthday person and his/her guests. Parties are usually held on weekends, and are scheduled on a “first come, first serve basis.”  Karate Birthday Parties are unique and easy, and Kick Masters can guarantee this is one party you and your guests won’t soon forget. 



"This was the best birthday experience we’ve ever had from start to finish!  Mr. Rando made sure that all of Xander’s favorite activities from class were incorporated into the party, and I love the way he included respect and discipline into the fun games.  The Black Belts themselves were fantastic with the children, remembering their names and the even helped with socialization.  It was if they had been friends of the family for a lifetime and made everyone feel at home." - Mrs. Jessica Johnson


"This is a super easy party for parents - just show up with the cake and everything else is taken care of for you.  Parent were even talking about how great it was at school the next day, as there was never a dull moment.  With 20+ 6-7 year olds, I'd expect chaos, but they all waited in line patiently.  This was great for the parents as well...2 hours of comedy!"  - Dr. Brigette Cosgrove


"It was wonderful! The kids had a great time and the parents were all very impressed with the games and activities. My cheeks were hurting from smiling so much...It ran like clockwork! From one activity to the next, seamlessly. The way the children just listened and went with the flow. I wish that ability at home... It was one of the only parties that as parents, we were able to sit and watch our kids have a blast. That was all we had to do, enjoy and we did."  - Mrs. Rose Cullen


"When your 5 (soon to be 6) year old daughter says, 'Thanks for the great day dad'...what more is there to say? Mr. Rando and Ms. Shah ran a seamless party, keeping the kids engaged, interested and excited. Mr. Rando has a unique ability to connect with the kids while still teaching...a rare talent. His involvement of the parents in certain activities (strictly voluntary) made the day fun for us too...another talent. They made sure everything went smoothly and provided any help we needed. If anyone reading this is considering involving your child in any of Kick Masters activities, do it. You'll be happy you did. " - Mr. Jeff Davison (Parent)



*Parties book from six to nine months in advance so be sure to plan early!